We are

An IT reaserch and development team based in Cracow

Our Services

Our Services

We offer top quality services in the following categories:

Web App Development

We can develop any kind of web application, using best market standards and practises.

Server Scripting

For our Customers we produce a professional server scripts for reliable backend maintenance.

Neural Networks

Complete solutions based on neural networks, which can be implemented in your applications and systems.

Statistical Modelling

We offer an unique and innovative research in the field of statistical models for data analysis.


Challenging with huge volumes of information can be exhausting, we will make all of that much easier..

Data Mining

Wheter it is well-structured, but huge in volume stock market data, or a limited rich-text source, we'll find the underlying statistical relations.

Our Projects

Here you will find some of projects we are participating in.

Our main passion is brain

About us

Who We Are

We are an international company based in centre of Cracow (Poland), with experience in data sciencie and IT development.

What We Do

With our skills, experience and technology we offer our Customers following services:

  • Desktop app development
  • Server scripting
  • Neural networks
  • Statistical modeling
  • Optimisation
  • Data mining
  • Data representation design

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